Riaan Vlok Profile Picture

Riaan Vlok is the head of technology at Curro Holdings, South Africa’s largest independent education provider, with over 178 schools across 70 sites. Riaan is passionate about digital transformation and is an expert on assisting companies with their digital offerings.

“I believe that providing digital solutions that support the changing demands of users can be best achieved by a holistic approach to technology. A truly digital experience across geographies and endpoints requires skills associated with acrobats such as balance, agility and coordination – but most importantly, the ability to handle and adjust to frequent and rapid changes of position or allegiances.”

Intelligent Data Centre Article

The harsh reality of Digital Transformation means companies and organisations will be left behind if they do not conform and adapt their technology offerings. Click here to read the article by Alix Pressley on how we continue to put learners at the heart of education and how our virtualised data centre now helps our schools to leverage the cloud.


Solving connectivity in education is something I am passionate about. Click here to read about some of the work we have done with key partners to address the technology gap in Africa.

At the height of the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa, we decided to create a unique online event for our learners. Working with key partners we started an e-sport league. Click here to read the article.